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... it feels to me like it's that awkward time of year when the sun occasionally shines giving you that glimmer of hope you can dust your sandals off and get your ray ban's out. Well living in this current climate we know the bits of sun we see don't often last. One minute it can be sunny, the next snowing... so it seems today anyway! So this got me thinking, it's the time of year you need items that can be worn different ways. The items below I feel are quite transferable; minus the sandals - I only advise these be worn in sunny weather, I do not want to be held responsible for frozen paws ;)!!

The Topshop brogues are something I have be lusting after every since I spotted them on the topshop website the other night, I am literally so close to clicking the 'order' button. I think they are perfect, such neutral colours so will go with anything, could be dressed up with a little dress or more casual with the jeans pictured below!

COS is a brand I have blogged about once before, I literally adore everything they create. They are a Swedish brand in the same group as H&M but at a slightly higher price bracket. They do such lovely accessories and this blue bracelet would be perfect for a simple outfit you wanted to add a little detail to.

So if you are someone who knows me you would know I have a real 'thing' for nautical stripes - I could literally wear a striped top every single day... well, maybe. I think it is a staple peice in that you can wear it casually, in the summer, in the winter, dress it up, wear it with jeans, wear it with converse... the list is endless. Therefore a stripe top is included in this moodboard I have created. This particular top is from COS however you can pick up really cheap versions for about £6 in H&M (I know this as whenever I see one I buy it - crazy I know). 

The jeans are also by COS and are such a staple piece, everyone needs a good pair of jeans, in my opinion these are quite casual but going with the winter/summer look they could be rolled up in the warmer months worn with the ASOS sandals or kept down with the Topshop Brogues on the cooler days.

This TOAST bag I actually purchased a few weeks ago and it has not left my side since. Being in university I have to lug my laptop around with me almost everywhere I go so this bag has proved a huge success. It is a lovely autumnal colour so perfect for this time of year but also very neutral so will go with anything!!

Finally... I realise I have been a bit 'COS heavy' in this post, I bring to you a beautiful pair of COS black boots. Absolute classics, cannot go wrong - however are a bit pricey. An investment though... right?!

Hope you enjoy, this is my first real 'trends' post I have attempted so apologies if it isn't as inspiring as others!! All links are included below :)


6. ASOS ASOS FLUTTER Flat Leather Sandals with Buckle Detail

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