Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Caught the bug..

Oh no, this isn't good. I am lying in bed, work early and all I can think about is my next post. Well I might as well seeing as I won't be sleeping for a while!

So, granted I have the most boyish (is that even a word) nails in the world. My hands are just plain ugly and should probably be kept away in secret hidden from everyone. But hey ho that's kinda impossible. So every now and then I attempt to make them look slightly more normal and ladylike by getting some acrylics done (this is basically acrylic gel overlaid onto my real nail. This only happens every now and then when I feel like treating myself and today was one of those days. I popped to town, and by chance they had space for me. Whenever I go there I just get clear all over so I can go home and try and get a bit creative. Lately all I have been seeing on the blogs I follow are girls with the most beautiful nails so I felt I had something to aspire to. Although I don't like my nails I have a HUGE array of nail varnishes in a multitude of different brands. My favourites tend so be a simple Bobbi Brown, MAC or Nails Inc but I will try anything. Today I opted for a subtle grey colour by Rimmel called '805 Grey Matter', once I had finished I decided it looked a bit too boring. I took off one nail from each hand and used a clear nail polish and sprinkled a Barry M Glitter dust over the nail, this then stuck to the clear nail varnish. The results are below and I am quite impressed by my efforts, it is safe to safe however I will not overload you with nail varnish posts and this happens very rarely and is not the prettiest of things to be looking at.


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