Saturday, 31 December 2011

What I am wearing..

Last of Christmas.

Evening everyone.

Well I thought I would do a little post on what I was so lucky to receive this year. This is my first year blogging and I have noticed alot of people do posts on their gifts so thought I would follow. To be honest this year christmas was not about the presents but about being with everyone, I think this may show me growing up. I did receive lots of lovely gifts though and have pictured most below!

Hope you received lots of goodies. 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Dinner.

This is how my christmas dinner turned out, cooked by my dad. The day after we had Turkey curry which was amazing. For my Christmas Day outfit this year I went very understated, simple an comfy, I figured i'd be spending the day on the sofa watching tv and eating far too much so comfort was a winner this year, for once. *EXCUSE THE MESSY ROOM!

*Top/Jumper is from COS, Jeans from Topshop, Socks from H&M and Shoes from Topshop.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day

It was my best friend Jenny's birthday yesterday. We have been best friends since the age of 3/4 when we first started primary school. It was her 21st so big celebrations were in order, she had a little gathering at her house then we went on to party the night away. 




Well wasn't that a wonderful day, very sad it's over now. There is so much preparation and excitement which builds up in the christmas period that once the day is over it's almost a case of... 'what now'. I'm actually very sad it is over. I had such a lovely day, it started with me my mum, dad and brother going to church. It was lovely as we got to see all our friends and it always feels very christmassy. Then my Auntie and Uncle came over and we basically relaxed all day eating lots of lovely food watching brilliant christmas tv. It feels like I haven't stopped eating since about the 23rd of December, but I guess that's what Christmas is all about. 

Hope everyone else had a lovely christmas. I guess we have New Year to look forward to now!!!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve...

I am off for dinner with my mum, dad and brother along with my auntie and uncle who are visiting from Oxford. Then I shall lie in bed watching 'The Holiday'. My favourite christmassy film, tomorrow I will then probably watch 'Love Actually'. Woah I love christmas!!! So exciting. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful christmas. Happy times with family & friends.


This year looking through the hundreds of blogs i scroll my way through I was inspired by one main aspect of christmas, and that was the wrapping of presents. I was so inspired by how other people made their wrapping creative and original I decided this year I would put a little more thought into mine than normal. I looked through lots and lots of websites and ended up going with Anthropologie, Papermash and the V&A. It was very simple, I bought 99p brown paper, some string and a set of stamps from the Victoria and Albert museum shop. This let me customise all of my presents. Below I have included lots of lovely ideas (maybe not for this year). I also came across the website for papermesh, which is a small run business that sell lots of lovely gifts - check it out here! 

You can see my finished results below, they are all sitting waiting under the tree :-)


Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas eve eve

This weekend I went to London for a few days with my family. As I don't live at home anymore it was lovely to spend time together. We had a very busy few days - shopping (of course), london eye, lots of food and lovely restaurants, spitalfields markets and lots of walking about. Managed to get a few christmas pressies along with a few bits for myself. My favourite shop lately has to be COS (very european, owned by H&M) so I took a special trip to Covent Garden to visit, I got 4 cardigans and a cardigan for my best friend who's birthday is on the 26th of December. So all in all a very successful few days. 

Hope everyone is ready for christmas, 2 sleeps left!!!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Feeling festive

So, what's everyone's favourite christmas song? I think it's hard to decide but I think 'The Pogues' version of 'Fairytale of New York' is a classic. 

This year I am also loving 'She and Him' christmas album, something nice to light the candles and lie in bed listening to.


A week before christmas

Hello everyone. I know I have been lacking in the blog department which is not a good start. Been very busy this past few weeks. This week I have promised myself I will do a gift wrapping post, a christmas gifts post & i may even pop in a 'what i'm wearing post'. I am still getting to grips with this whole blogging thing, being an avid blog follower I now see why everyone is always saying 'sorry I haven't posted for a while' as it does take up a but of time.

Hope everyone is getting in the festive christmas spirit :)


Friday, 9 December 2011

Have a lovely weekend!

..let's try again.

I wonder how long this will last, worth a try though hey. I find it quite hard to describe myself; so here's a little moodboard. Basically I like all things fashion, photography, design, family, friends and fun! I shall try + write as often as possible.