Saturday, 24 December 2011

This year looking through the hundreds of blogs i scroll my way through I was inspired by one main aspect of christmas, and that was the wrapping of presents. I was so inspired by how other people made their wrapping creative and original I decided this year I would put a little more thought into mine than normal. I looked through lots and lots of websites and ended up going with Anthropologie, Papermash and the V&A. It was very simple, I bought 99p brown paper, some string and a set of stamps from the Victoria and Albert museum shop. This let me customise all of my presents. Below I have included lots of lovely ideas (maybe not for this year). I also came across the website for papermesh, which is a small run business that sell lots of lovely gifts - check it out here! 

You can see my finished results below, they are all sitting waiting under the tree :-)


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