Thursday, 5 January 2012


If there is one brand or shop that I feel is completely underrated and often ignored on the highstreet it would have to be COS. Granted these stores are few and far between with a few in London, maybe one in Birmingham and a few elsewhere. The brand is owned by H&M so is very european and has quite a classic Swedish style to it. I find the website extremely hard to use which is why I couldn't find out exactly how many stores there are in the UK, this however is the only 'con' of the brand. The prices are quite high, but the quality is like no other. The style of clothing tends to be simple and classic with a range of different textures and shapes, each season they have a different palette of colours, this season I noticed lots of bright oranges, greens and yellows. Over the past year or so I have collected a vast amount of their items and I feel it is an investment brand as the styles and colours never date and you can wear them year after year. I recommend COS to anyone and everyone - check it out here COS!!!


  1. your blogs so cute :) love your background!

    I've never heard of this brand before but that collection look so nice! might have to see if i can find a shopp close to me

  2. aw thank you, that's kind! I will check your blog out now.

    Yes definitely have a look, really lovely brand.