Tuesday, 31 January 2012


If you saw my 'Wanted this week' last week you would have noticed it was the ONA CAMERA BAG I was hoping for as part of my 21st birthday present. Well, my wishes came true and the beautiful said bag is on it's way to me!! That being said, there is an 8 week wait so I do have to hang on for a while, but it will sooo be worth it!!!

I really struggled trying to find a 'trendy' camera bag for the camera I got for my birthday and this was the only site I came across that was making really lovely, aesthetically pleasing designs. The only downside is the fact they are shipped from America so you do have to pay postage and the wait for the bags is up to 8 weeks! I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a camera bag to check this site out though!!! While searching for a suitable bag I definitely noticed a gap in the market for anyone who fancies designing some good quality stylish bags - any designers out there?!

The bag I have on it's way is the Chestnut brown 'Brooklyn' style, this is a shoulder bag however ONA do have lots of different colours and style variations two of which I have included below. They do bags for both men and women in backpack styles (suitable for laptops also) and messenger bags. The prices are around the $300 mark however the bags are of exceptional quality and will inevitably last a life time. 300 dollars is around the £190 mark and then you pay for shipping on top.

What do you all think?!

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