Monday, 2 April 2012

So Monday is here again. Below are some pictures from last week. I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I've had loads of university work to do. I actually only have 25 days before my final ever hand in and then I am officially finished. My week therefore was quite boring. Ate lots of food (including Yo Sushi + Chimichangas with my friends). It was mother's day so I also went to London with my mum and I took pictures of myself bored in uni using the reflection in my laptop (procrastination). We had some beautiful weather so I also took a trip down to Cardiff bay for a Starbucks, it was extremely busy!! Everyone seems to flock out as soon as there's a bit of sunshine (I don't blame them I did exactly the same). Anyway this week I am lucky to be spending a week in a wonderful little shop in Cheltenham called 'Olive'. I will do a proper blog post on it once I've completed my week. As part of my final project I have to do a work placement relating to the assignment and I managed to get this little week in this amazing shop. Check out the website here! Next week I will inundate you with pictures of the shop.

Hope everyone has had a nice easy Monday.

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