Sunday, 22 April 2012

It's been a while, but i'm back. Scares me to say it but i've finished my final project for university now so should have lots of time to do some fun posts. I have a graduate show in May and once that's over I am officially finished. It feels weird sitting here not having to do any work. My life has been completely taken over by university this year so I feel slightly empty now it's over. Anyway I have included a little post of recent pictures, it has been a while so there are quite a few. I am looking forward to being able to just sit and read lots of magazines and blogs, the main thing that scares me now i've finished my work is how I will remain 'creative'. I'm going have to make a special effort to keep reading anything and everything, and taking in everything around me. 

I'm off to think of some post ideas, I mean I should probably start doing this blogging properly now right?!


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