Friday, 16 March 2012


That moment when you come across something on the internet and you instantly feel the need to share what you have discovered with every single person you speak to that day. Well today, that happened. I stumbled upon this brand 'ANVE'. Taking inspiration from Berlin all the way to Tokyo the brand offers simple, unique and classic designs. Offering an accessories and home-ware range there is plenty to choose from. The fold up bags are what instantly caught my eye. Coming in a range of colours they really are beautiful. I would describe them as different but what I mean is something you won't see somebody else rocking as you walk down the street or walk into a bar. The prices range from about 99 euros up to 230 euros for some of the home accessories. The good news is they ship all over the world. Below I have included some images off the website of the items they sell! Everybody needs to check them out - now!!! This is the website ---->

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