Thursday, 2 February 2012


Every now and then I find a tumblr page that I just adore, all of the images sit perfectly together and just inspire me on every level. To some extent tumblr to me is where I stare at pictures of models, clothing, shoes or other luxurious things I know I will never have. I have made up my own little moodboard of some images I have found over the past few days that have stood out to me. Obviously I have no idea where the images are from, they are just beautiful; and they definitely are not my own! Sometimes it is just nice to look at pretty pictures eh?!


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  1. you're absolutely right, I have the same opionion on tumblr, but sometimes I do find it inspiring! :) Love the board you posted, it's really inspiring! the tattoo of the symbol of infinite is amazing! I was seriously thinking about having it done! xx